Our Kids Clubs are focused on engaging the students in educational and creative activities that make them enjoy learning. Every subject we explore is proven to further develop the youngsters’ brain and problem solving skills. Our approach is to provide a healthy balance between instruction and discovery.

We keep the classes small to enable individual attention.


This centuries old game stimulates complex planning and strategy skills. Our students will start with basic instructions on how to move the players and gradually will add strategic moves and combinations to help them fully understand the nature of the game. As the class advances students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their new skills through internal tournaments.


Math and Logic Puzzles:

Math can be so much fun! The problems we tackle in this class stimulate logic, creative problem solving, thinking out of the box. They are engaging and keep children entertained while developing valuable skills.



Utilizing various science and technology modules, and combining them with various fields of discovery children learn new skills in creative environment.